Happiness is Movement

I realize that each time I’m out
of my Comfort Zone, I bloom.

Who Am I ?

Nomad Freelancer. Yogini. Highly Sensitive & and perfectionist.

Where I’m from ?

I’m a Freelance Digital Nomad.
Introverted, dreamer, with a strong intuition and an open mind, I’am a excellent problem solver and I thrive every time I step out of my comfort zone. Back In September 2022, I quit everything in Quebec, to start my own business and since then I have been traveling all over the world by myself.

I’am a Yogini.
Each morning, I inhale the fresh air and exhale deeply. Ashtanga Yoga is part of my life. This complicated word implies that every morning, I practice the same yoga routine, a bit difficult, to help me look inside me and calm my mind.

I am a high sensitive traveler.
I left to discover the beauty. I need to see what the world had the best to offer. I want to be touched by the kindness and generosity of people, as I was, in Nepal and restore my faith in humanity. I want to cry in front of the immensity of the sunsets, as it was the case, on the Koh Tao’s Island Smell the smells of a street full of history, like those where I walked in Bhaktapur, or feel tiny by the majesty of the mountains, like on Lombok’s Island. I want to fall asleep to the sounds of the waves or into the silence of a desert. I would like my eyes to be dazzled by all these little details they can experience. I want all my senses to be awake,
in each of my discoveries.

How do I stand out?


I believe that human beings should always be on the move to accomplish themselves. Action is the fundamental key to all success and happiness.

With more than two decades of experience as a Graphic Designer and Project Manager, I help yoga and mindfulness professionals as a Content Creator.

My wish to be in the middle of action pushes me to carry out
meticulous follow-up throughout the project;

My desire to support all stakeholders helps me to understand
their needs in a caring way;

My love of Design helps me keep my focus to always deliver content aligned with the values and colors of my clients;

My creative mind allows me to always thin outside the box and to support
the task within the deadlines.

Multipotential, I am a Graphic Designer-Illustrator and Writer,
as well as a Certified Yoga Teacher.

Looking forward to working with you!