Freelance Print Designer
Certified Yogini
Nomad Traveler
Happy Paddler


I believe that human beings should always be on
the move to accomplish themselves. Action is
the fundamental key to all success and happiness.

Who I’m I?

With more than two decades of experience in the printing process, I bring my help to realize projects of printed and digital publications.

My wish to be in the middle of action pushes me to carry out meticulous follow-up throughout the project;

My desire to support all stakeholders helps me to understand their needs in a caring way;

My love of Design helps me keep my focus to always deliver exceptional documents;

My creative mind allows me to always be outside the box and to support the task within the deadlines.

My crave for adrenaline gives me the energy to continually be in solution mode and to gloat when I hear the phrase “We want it ready for yesterday!”

What do I do?

Print Design

Layout Documents

Graphic Variations


Surface Design & Patterns

Print Project Management

Blog Editor

Work Collaboration